Party Records T-shirt Men

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You know when you might be holding some kind of hidden gem in your hand when you’re out record hunting and there’s that glorious orange and sometimes yellow warning sticker on the vinyl’s cover that says, “Party Records – Adults Only!” You might just be holding a record of Alfred E. Neuman burping or you might be holding some crazy Rock N Roll! But it might be a good idea to buy that record and take it home for a listen.

We designed this shirt with all the dirty Rock N Roll songs swirling in our heads, and used some vintage magazine ads for Adults Only Party Record mail-in forms that usually (from what we’ve seen) had wolves in tuxedos and top hats holding a dotted line, cut out, mail-in order form that you would mail to the record company with a check and voila! Dirty Records delivered to your door!

 Just to be clear, we own and love our vintage record of Alfred E. Neuman burping to, “It’s a Gas.”

  • Natural Cream Colored Tee
  • 100% Cotton Fine Jersey
  • Pre-shrunk Taped Neck & Shoulders
  • Double Needle Sleeve & Bottom Hem
  • 4.5 Oz Weight Per Square Inch

This t-shirt is a cream/natural color – it is not a white t-shirt.

All of our newest print designs are a one-run, limited edition print. We don’t want everyone running around wearing the same thing, so we’ve limited our prints to first run, limited edition prints only, not to be reproduced or re-stocked again.


Printed with vivid, soft, vintage old school inks. Old School is still the best school!

We printed these soft 100% cotton t-shirts with the same vintage style inks they used in the 1950s for that same vintage look, feel, and quality. Your new t-shirt will feel soft to the touch, the inks will never chip, peel or fade away quickly like cheaply printed tees. As always, these are made of 100% pre-shrunk cotton for sensitive skin, breath-ability, and comfortable fit.