Big Bad Wolf Ladies Sweater Cardigan


Little Red Riding Hood, you sure are lookin' good!

Horseshoe cardigan knits are here! We've bringing out a line of knitwear this year that's a lil' bit Rock 'N' Roll, a lil' bit Western, and All American!

We've taken inspiration from the 1950s chowichan sweaters. This one specifically is the vintage toothy wolf and bloody paw cowichan.

These are not ordinary cardigans that you're used to buying. These are real cardigans, thick, not those paper thin cheap ones you're used to buying. The best thing, these are 100% cotton, meaning, we were able to use our same vintage style inks on these as we do on our t-shirts. Unlike other cheaply printed cardigans that are printed with cheap inks that will crack, peel and wash off, our inks are part of the cardigan! That's right, our inks have dyed the cardigan threads those colors, so there is no ink to crack or peel off.

This biggest deal about these higher quality cardigans is, we've made these affordable! The highest quality embellished retro cardigan at the most affordable price you're going to find!


These are true to size. Use our t-shirt size chart to order your size.

  • Slight scoop at the neck for comfort.
  • 100% Cotton
  • Long Sleeve
  • Black Thread Jersey Knit
  • Yarn Colors are Black
  • Hand wash in cold water.
  • Do not use bleach, lay flat to dry.
  • Do not hang to dry or it will cause stretching.
  • Ironing is not recommended.
  • Printed with the same quality vintage-style inks that we use on our t-shirts.

 Limited Edition

All our knitwear will be LIMITED EDITION. We will not reproduce any knit designs twice. No re-stocking. Once they’re gone, they’re gone forever.